Additional Flint Rivers


Additional Flint Rivers (other than those already listed) include the Flint River that runs through Alabama and Tennessee as well as Flint River in Jamaica. Flint River Alabama

The Flint River in Alabama - or Flint River Al. - is a tributary to the Tennessee River that runs through North Alabama and central Tennessee. The Flint River watershed encompasses approximately 568 square miles, with the majority in Madison County, Alabama, and Lincoln County, Tennessee.

The Flint River Watershed is looked after in part by the Flint River Conservation Association (FRCA), a group of residents and landowners who work to conserve and improve the water quality, natural resources, and scenic beauty of the Flint River.

Flint River in Jamaica is located on the northwest side of the island in the parish of Hanover between Montego Bay and Negril, Jamaica. The area is home to the Flint River Great House, where the movie Cool Runnings was filmed.

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